Most popular songs of 2018 – Year In Review

by Sigourney Young

Another year has flown past in the studio and it’s been such a joy to paint for so many new and returning collectors. It was a year of great changes to my little studio – it marked the first year working full-time on my art and I celebrated passing 700 sales on Etsy with a glass of bubbly. I opened a new online shop here at and travelled the world with my studio in tow. We settled into life here in York and were lucky enough to travel home to Australia for our wedding in October. On paper, it sounds like a winner of a year…

But the reality is that 2018 was also a tough one. It was our first year away from our family in Australia, our first year practising frugal hedonism after leaving our ‘real’ jobs behind to pursue our lives in York, and it felt like endless admin in the cold as we prepared our UK Spouse Visa. Most devastatingly, we lost a dear family friend at the beginning of the year.

It’s been a year of great highs and great lows. Full of big life changes, challenges and little victories.

So with 2018 coming to a close, I wanted to share a few important lessons I learnt this year.

1. Breathe

There are always going to be moments when everything feels too much. The to-do list is growing, the washing is piling up, the studio is a mess, or maybe you’re just sad. In those moments I’ve learnt to just breathe and to give myself a few heartbeats of calm before looking at things afresh. As a yoga teacher I get to practice this daily with my students, but bringing it into life in the studio has made all the difference. It helps me remember that those moments are not representative of my life or my day and that those moments of overwhelm are not a weakness. They are nothing more than a moment in time, and they can be breathed through, like any moment.

2. Be proud of the best moments

It can be hard, but being proud of our best moments has brought a refreshing light to my life at home and in the studio. I often tell myself ‘we’re doing great’ but I realised halfway through the year that I didn’t often believe it. It was an empty reassurance without the belief to back it up. And we are doing great, and I am proud of my art and practice so why not put some force behind those words. I started trying to be proud of more moments. Proud of each beautiful review, each trip to the post office made right on time, nailing a recipe and sharing a piece of my world with all of you. Finding pride in our best moments builds resilience, and I know that I’ve started a good practice.

3. There’s a song for everything

Literally everything! I’ve painted over 250 songs this year. I’ve painted love songs and inspirational songs – songs of faith, mourning, kindness, resilience, joy and desire. I’ve painted voice recordings and messages and created a rainbow of music across a year of commissions. Every time I hear a new song it transports me and every time my eyes and ears are opened a little more to the vast sea of music we have created here on earth. How wonderful that we have such a vibrant medium to capture all of the highs and lows of a year.

4. Love rules

While I paint a massive variety of songs, love songs still lead the way in popularity. With paper as the traditional first-anniversary gift, synesthesia art ticks all the boxes – traditional, romantic, meaningful and beautiful. First dance songs are also popular and I can say that certainly helped when we were planning our wedding – I had an endless list of beautiful songs to pick from. We actually had our first dance to Dan + Shay’s ‘From The Ground Up’, one of the most popular songs of the year.

Along with Dan + Shay these love songs top the commission lists in popularity. I think you can hear why *swoon*. I’ve added these pieces to my archive and you can click below to check out the full synesthesia description of each piece and follow along on Spotify.

Sigourney Young xo

December 31, 2018

Wedding Photos | Cam Grove


  1. Brooke

    What a beautiful blog. I loved your comments about breathing and taking a moment to reflect and celebrate achievements (big and small). Life is full of joy and pain – it’s important to embrace it all.

    • Sigourney Young

      Thanks so much Brooke! I’m so glad it resonated with you. I love that the changing of the year can inspire us to think more deeply about where we’ve been and to live with more intention.


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