How to plan your dream wedding from abroad: Part 2

by Sigourney Young | Photos by Cam Grove

Continued from Part 1: Pick your must-haves

We’re still in full planning mode! Check out the out rest of our top five for planning your dream wedding from abroad.

3. Trust the experts

We absolutely adored working with the vendors that helped with our day. The florists, for example, had a set package for literally all the flowers you could ever need at a fraction of the cost of creating a personalised package. We let them know the shape we liked, what our favourite flowers were and our colour scheme, and they did the rest. The flowers could not have been more perfect. Learning to leave these things in the hands of the experts paid off and turned a task that can be time-intensive into just a few emails. We hired our archway in a similar style and just said ‘remake the one on your website’. We knew what we were getting, that they could do it and it was perfect.

We also decided to hire a string trio for the ceremony and drinks afterwards and loved that they provided a list of recommended music for different moments in the ceremony. At first we thought about finding pieces ourselves but after a few failed attempts decided to trust the experts in this as well. We listened to all their recommendations, picked the ones we loved and then just let them know the ‘vibe’ we were aiming for with everything else. They used our description of the atmosphere we wanted to capture to create their set list for before and after the ceremony.

Trusting the professional to do what they do, week in and week out, is absolutely key to planning your wedding from abroad.

4. Be attentive to what your providers need from you

Being abroad doesn’t mean that you can leave everything to your providers. Whether you like it or not, they need you to make decisions. The lucky thing is that they’ll ask! They’ll tell you exactly what they need from you and it’s your job to think about it and give clear instructions. If you want a specific song played, or your cake to look a specific way, tell them. You can send examples, a photo from Pinterest, a diagram, anything you like. Make it specific. Complete any instructions, forms or run sheets well ahead of time so that your vendors have the opportunity to deliver on whatever it is you want!

5. Find something to bring your loved-ones together

The hardest part about planning our wedding from abroad was how far away from our families we felt. I had always imagined planning my wedding with my parents close by and so I knew I wanted to find a way to bring us all together. What better way than to have something everyone could contribute to!

You might notice in the photos that our bunting included embroidered flags. These were contributed from family and friends around the world and sent to us in York. Having a collaborative project where those interested could add as many or as few flags as they liked, made us feel closer together and helped us all focus on the big ‘must-have’, rather than the non-essential little things.

I hope that this has helped and I’d love to hear about your plans in the comments below!

Want to know how it all went? Check out our photo story from the wedding day here!

Sigourney Young xo

January 14, 2019


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