Relive your first dance – Shawn’s story

by Sigourney Young
Shawn’s wedding photos by Blessed Images Photography

Every week I am lucky enough to sit in my studio and be inspired by the stories and adventures behind every commission. My favourite pieces to paint are those attached to heartfelt moments of joy and love. The songs that draw two people to remember those special moments in their lives are also the ones which pop just a little more off the page when the watercolour dries.

When Shawn Valdes got in touch to reveal the special connection she has with her piece of synaesthesia art I had to share it. Her reflection starts with just why the song means so much to her and her husband:

“I first heard ‘The Best Thing’ by Patrick Droney as I was laying in the back yard with my boyfriend (now husband). As the song played he looked at me and told me that there wasn’t a more perfect song to describe how he feels about me.”

It is these little things that fill our lives with joy. And to have the opportunity to re-imagine that moment in colour was a special gift. Especially when you understand the real significance behind the work:

“My father made sure music had always played a massive roll in my life as well as my siblings. My husband has learned so much about different genres because of him.”

“After a tough first year of marriage, and losing my father whom I was close with, this song reminds me of my partner. That I am not alone in my sad moments, and that I have someone fighting my battles with me.

‘The Best Thing’, Shawn told me, was the song she and her husband danced to at their wedding. It was incredible to hear when Shawn first saw the work it brought her back to that moment.

“I teared up with joy. The colours took me back to the moment of our first dance, bright and happy, but relaxed. Just like in the song itself, you can feel the love. I am an artist by nature and I love collecting one of a kind pieces that will hold sentimental value to my family. Synesthesia artwork is just that.”

It makes my day to hear people connect with my pieces and that they convey the complex emotions, both the good and the sad, we all experience in our lives.

It is also incredibly exciting to know that today is Shawn and her husband’s second anniversary and that this piece was a gift in celebration of their special day. Happy anniversary to this wonderful couple!

Let me know what special song you always listen to in the comments below.

Sigourney xo

March 25, 2019


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