#The100DayProject –

100 synesthesia artworks in 100 days

by Sigourney Young

This year marks the 6th annual #The100DayProject and now I’m fully committing!

I came across #The100DayProject a few years ago on Instagram and so admired the many creatives who took part. Their projects were varied – big, small, sketching, embroidery, poetry – but the thing that connected them was the journey that these creators had committed to.

#The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place every spring and participants from around the world dedicate 100 days to explore their creativity through a focused project. One that is done every day for 100 days and shared on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject.  And boy, 100 days is a long time! When I thought of participating I was intimidated but the amount of work that clearly went into a project of this scale.

For a commission artist, having a larger body of work driven by something of my own choosing is a little out of my comfort zone. It’s also deeply appealing.

I’m doing this project because I want to push myself into new forms of art and expression, and develop an artistic practice and aesthetic that is totally my own. I want to experiment with composition and mediums while staying true to the synesthetic core of my work, and I want to share that work with a bigger audience.

When it came to choosing what to do for the project I knew that getting tips from past participants would be important to creating realistic goals. I found Allie Lehman’s and Cassey Slack’s advice to keep it simple the biggest revelation. Doing anything for 100 days is big enough, you don’t have to make every day’s activity revolutionary. I also worked out what tools I would need to do a painting a day and have them stocked up and ready to go!

From this great advice, I decided to focus on a list of 100 songs – specifically Rolling Stone’s ‘The 100 Greatest Songs of the Century – So Far’. This list is compiled by ‘artists, critics and industry insiders to create an understanding of the era’s truly essential moments’. I think this is an exciting way to explore the colours and sounds that mean the most to us and have shaped the music landscape!

While my topic is set, I want to leave myself space to experiment with the formation of each piece. They’ll mostly be watercolour on paper, but I’ll also be incorporating watercolour crayons, pastels and graphite across a range of abstract compositions. Let me know if you have any requests for styles to explore!

My first experiment in preparation for #The100DayProject were my colour snapshots of this year’s Record Of The Year Grammy nominations. I hope you like the upcoming pieces just as much as you loved these!

I can’t wait to get started! You’ll be able to follow along on Instagram at @notyoursigourney, on Facebook and in my monthly project updates on the blog!

Have you ever taken on a creative project or participated in #The100DayProject? I’d love to hear about your experience. Tell me all about it in the comments!

Sigourney xo

April 1, 2019

#The100DayProject images from #The100DayProject
Greatest songs image from The Rolling Stones


I’m Sigourney

I’m a synesthesia artist that will be forever found with paint on my nose, dancing around the studio in my yoga pants. I love travel, gluten-free brownies and working from the home studio I share with my husband. My goal? To bring you into the world of synesthesia and to create a space online that celebrates the colour and meaning of music.

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