Sounds of the earth – Earth Day 2019

by Sigourney Young

Today is Earth Day and I wanted to celebrate with some of my favourite sounds of the earth! We are so lucky to have a home as diverse and joyful as this gorgeous planet and Earth Day focuses on encouraging people to take action to protect the species of our planet and the ecosystems that support them and us.

People often assume my synesthesia is connected to music only, but I actually see colours for all sounds! From typing on my keyboard, to the sound of the ocean, every sound has a colour profile that is totally unique.

For earth day this year I’ve picked some sounds that are not just my favourites, but sounds that are familiar to many people: a whale song, monkey calls, chirping birds, a kitten’s meow and inspired by easter I’ve also painted a snoring bunny!

Animal Sounds –  Left: Snoring bunny; Top left: Kitten’s meow; Top middle: Whale song; Bottom middle: Monkey calls; Right: Bird song

The thing I love most about these sounds is how varied and textured they are. They are not only diverse when compared to each other, but they are also comprised of many-layered colours within each sound.

The whale song, for example, is a stunning blue made by the airy qualities of the sound. Even within one whale song the sounds move from low, textured dark blues to very high bright blues. The depth and scope of the song is truly stunning.

The snoring bunny was another highlight. It’s actually a comically sweet sound but not what I expected. These cute little snores actually go quite low and it is this low sound that creates the blue on the left that then transitions up to warm magenta as the snore rings out. The grumbling texture creates browns that end in soft orange huffs.

Inspired by the cultural and social movements here in the United Kingdom, such as David Attenborough’s Climate Change – The Facts and a series of demonstrations and sit-ins in London, I have been reflecting on the personal choices I can make to help protect the world we live in. I may not have all the answers yet (though my husband and I have embraced a move towards a plant-based diet), but I want to help look after all that makes this little blue planet so wonderful.

What are your favourite sounds of the earth? Let me know in the comments!

Sigourney xo

April 22, 2019


I’m Sigourney

I’m a synesthesia artist that will be forever found with paint on my nose, dancing around the studio in my yoga pants. I love travel, gluten-free brownies and working from the home studio I share with my husband. My goal? To bring you into the world of synesthesia and to create a space online that celebrates the colour and meaning of music.

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