Synesthesia art: The perfect bridesmaid gift

by Sigourney Young

. AWhen organising my wedding, my bridal party was one of the most important parts of the day. While we were seperated across different countries during the planning of my wedding, the days that we had together, especially before the big event, were some of the most meaningful of my life.

Having these amazing women around me, projecting calm and taking a no-nonsense approach to problem-solving, kept me on track and made any potential problems disappear before they even began.

I spent so long scrolling through etsy looking for the perfect gifts for everyone involved in our wedding. And it was such a challenge to find the perfect present for such a diverse group of people on such a special day for us all!

So what did I find after so much searching? That synesthesia art was the perfect thing. I knew I wanted to gift the same thing to all of my bridesmaids so that it would be something that would connect us all, but I also wanted something that could be customised specifically for them and the things that inspire their soul.

Here is why I think synesthesia art is the perfect wedding gift for your bridal part?

It’s unique

Synesthesia art is one of the most unique and bespoked forms of art for individuals. Drawn directly from my experience of synesthesia, each piece is truly one of a kind. There’s nothing else in the world like it and your ladies deserve something as unique as they are! 

It’s connected

Because pieces are from the same artist, and are all synesthesia art, each piece is connected and you can do all of your bridal party shopping in one click! Meaning that every bridesmaid will have a piece that is connected, drawing all your homes together no matter the distance.

It’s customisable

You can pick the same songs for every bridesmaid or pick something totally different for each! These four pieces were painted for a bridal party and the bride picked a song with a special meaning to each of her bridesmaids. The artists chosen for these pieces were: Stars, Elton John, Miley Cyrus and The XX.


Are you wanting to get your bridesmaids the perfect gift? Head over to the shop to order your pieces now!

Your bridesmaids will feel so loved and each one will have a meaningful and beautiful momento of the day they shared with you.


Sigourney xo

May 6, 2019


I'm Sigourney

I'm a synesthesia artist that will be forever found with paint on my nose, dancing around the studio in my yoga pants. I love travel, gluten-free brownies and working from the home studio I share with my husband. My goal? To bring you into the world of synesthesia and to create a space online that celebrates the colour and meaning of music.

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