Sigourney Young – Synesthesia Artist

Sigourney Young is a synesthesia artist who creates artwork that translates her colourful experience of sound into conversation-starting art for homes around the world. Sigourney’s art is interested in capturing the memories and emotions evoked by music. Informed by her family’s artistic tradition, she works primarily with watercolor, refining techniques which mirror the flow and movement of her synesthesia experience.

Sigourney works in her home studio in York, UK and is committed to giving every single customer the best experience possible.

Each work is a unique reflection of a song or recording. Before any painting begins I sketch a composition. From this sketch a colour palette emerges that is then translated into colours on the paper. I include a written accompaniment to each piece to make the translation complete.

My Philosophy

Music matters. Beyond anything else, music creates bubbles of time that immediately evoke meaning and joy. I can hear that one song by Milky Chance and perfectly picture the day I started this painting adventure. I also know that when I hear my wedding song I’ll forever remember holding my husband close on our special day. 

Art matters. Every home should be filled with art that represents the people that fill it with love. It doesn’t have to be what’s in – maximalist, minimalist, scandi, rustic – it changes so often. It just has to be art that reflects you. Your personality, your life, your special moments. It just needs to be colourful, joyful and important to you.

I believe that a creative business means giving a customer experience deserving of your special memory. I’ve painted over 750 songs for homes all over the world and have 210+ 5-star reviews (and not a single one less!). Listening to your song and creating art that becomes part of your home and story is a privilege. When you work with me, you’ll know your song and your artwork is just as important to me as it is to you.


This is my second commissioned watercolor painting from Sigourney and I could not be more thrilled with it! The colors are vibrant and fully embody the spirit of the song. I smile every time I look at it. Sigourney’s customer service and attention to detail continue to astound.

– Kristi

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