Frequently Asked Questions

About the art

What is synesthesia?

Synesthesia is a crossing of the senses experienced by people around the world. This rare condition means that a stimulation in one sense creates an immediate and involuntary reaction in another. There are many variations of synesthesia with the most common being grapheme-colour synesthesia, an association between letters or numbers and colours. Sigourney experiences chromesthesia, a connection between sounds and colour. You can read about synesthesia and what it’s like to experience here.

How do you create the artwork?

I create my artwork based on my synesthesia experience of each song. I listen to the song dozens of times and begin with a sketch of the song. I sketch the shape and colours of the song sequentially and create a colour palette for the painting. I then prepare archive quality paper and paints and create your piece. I also write a certificate of authenticity to go along with each painting that describes my experience of the song and how each section and colour corresponds to the music. You can view the full proccess in the video here.

Why are your pieces backward ‘s’ shaped?

I choose to create pieces of 6×8″ (A5) and larger in a ‘backward s’ shape as it allows me to show the progress of the music sequentially. The music begins on the top left and flows down through the painting following the colours of the song. It is my hope that through my art you have not only a beautiful piece, but are transported into the world of synesthesia. This sequential style of painting allows me to provide a detail description of my experience with the certificate of authenticity so that you can listen to the song and follow along with the painting as it flows.

4×6″ (A6) pieces are painted abstractly and still include a detailed description of the piece. If you would like a larger piece in an abstract style please contact me.

Do you see colours with your eyes open?

Yes, I experience colours when listening to sounds when my eyes are open. I experience associated synesthesia meaning I see the colours in my mind’s eye. This allows me to paint and sketch your song while listening so that every sound is captured.

Can I know the colours of the song before you paint it?

Absolutely, I’m happy to let you know the colours you can expect to see in your painting. Visit the FREEBIES page to send me your song!

Do you paint in other mediums?

I paint my artwork using watercolour on paper and choose this medium as I feel it most reflects the textures and movement of music through my synesthesia experience. At the moment I do not create commissions in other mediums but continue to experiment within the studio.

About your order

How do I place my order?

To place your order visit the Shop and add your preferred size and any add-ons to your cart. At checkout include the name of your song and the details of the artist in the ‘Order Notes’ and I’ll find your song on Spotify! If there is a specific version or the song you would like painted please include a link or the details of the album or edition.

What sizes do you paint?

I create pieces in a variety of sizes to suit every space and budget. Each size is double the size of the one before. A great trick to get a sense of the sizes is to start with a standard A4 piece of paper. Double it for A3 and halve it for A5!

The following sizes are available for immediate purchase in the shop. Please contact me if you would like a larger piece.

Do you provide discounts?

Yes, sign up to my email list to receive your code for 10% off your order. If you are ordering four or more pieces please get in touch to discuss possible discounts.

Is shipping free?

Yes, standard shipping is free worldwide and sent via Royal Mail. If you would like to upgrade your shipping to tracked or express please purchase a shipping add-on when placing your order.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping time varies on where your piece is heading! Estimates are given below based on Royal Mail’s advice. In my experience these estimates are accurate, and more often than not pieces arrive even faster!

  • United Kingdom: 1-3 business days
  • North America: 1-2 weeks
  • Europe: 1-2 weeks
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2-3 weeks
What is your processing time?

All pieces are created and shipped within 2-6 business days. After placing your order you will be contacted within 24 hours to let you know the exact date I’ll have your piece in the post. Any changes to processing times will be noted on each product listing during peak periods.

What if I need to gift the piece before it arrives?

No problem at all! I’ve got just the thing. Sometime we all find the perfect gift a little close to the date but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift one-of-a-kind synesthesia art. I’ve created a free printable art card that is perfect for gifting while your piece is in transit. The card includes a brief explanation of synesthesia and will let the recipient know that the piece is on its way. Once the piece is in the post I will also send through a sneak peek of your painting. The art card, printed along with the sneak peek is a popular gifting option. Download the art card here.

Can I send you a recording?

Absolutely! Please send your recording to after purchasing. If you would like a recording painted please let me know in the Order Notes at checkout when you place your order.

About caring for your artwork

How should I frame my artwork?

You are welcome to frame your piece in any way that suits your home and style. I recommend framing your piece with a mat so that the glass does not sit directly on the artwork.

IKEA offers a number of frames that are suitable. I recommend both the HOVSTA and RIBBA frames. These are usually available in a variety of finishes. My personal favourite is the HOVSTA frame as it gives you the option to frame with more depth or closer to the front.

Are there any special care instructions?

To ensure the life of your piece, be sure to mat and frame using acid-free materials. Watercolours should be framed under glass to prevent moisture, dust, and accidental damage.

Your piece will have a long and happy life, particularly if you keep it out of direct and constant sunlight. High sun may lead to fading over the years.

Still have questions? Please contact me!

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