4×6 inch custom synesthesia art

Select your song and have it brought to life. This unique, personalized art is custom made and is a vibrant synesthesia interpretation of music. Measuring 4×6 inches (A6) it makes a perfect addition to your side-table, desk or in the office.

The colours of your artwork will be unique to the song you choose.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

How to customise

When placing your order include the details of the song in the ‘Order Notes’. Remember to add the song title, artist and if relevant, the link or details of a specific version you would like painted.

Select your style

Your piece can be painted in two styles, abstract or sequential. Both capture the colours of your song beautifully and examples of each style can be found in the archive.

Sequential - The sequential style, painted in the ‘backward s’ shape, allows me to show the progress of the music sequentially. The music begins on the top left and flows down through the painting following the colours of the song. This sequential style allows for greater detail and allows viewers to follow through my synesthesia experience as the music flows.

Abstract - The abstract style, painted in a looser, dynamic shape, allows me to show the energy of the music as well as the key colours of the song. The dominant sounds of the music come through across the abstract composition and allow viewers to see a snapshot of my synesthesia experience.

Select your description

Your piece comes with a certificate of authenticity describing the way the colours of your painting translate to the sounds of the song.

Highlights description - this description includes a synesthesia translation of your piece focusing on the key colour elements of your song. It outlines the colours of the vocals, highs, lows and any distinctive sections. It allows you to identify sounds and associate them with the colours depicted in your piece.

Full description - the full description includes a moment by moment description of your song as it is expressed through colour. It outlines how the colours flow through the song and painting, allowing you to read the description and follow along as music plays. Examples of full descriptions are included in the archive and are the most popular option for my synesthesia pieces.


  • This commission is for the size and style selected and purchased
  • FREE Standard Shipping worldwide
  • Painted on acid-free 350gsm paper with artist quality permanent watercolour paints
  • Comes unframed