Auld Lang Syne by The Cast

Auld Lang Syne by The Cast

4” x 6” WATERCOLOUR ON PAPER, 2019 – Listen on Spotify

The guitar begins as warm oranges on the top left along with high vibrant yellows. The slides and low guitar notes as at 0.20 are reds on the left. The vocals also start as warm oranges and shift to magenta at 0.27. The vocals continue as magenta through the song. From 0.47 the guitar is orange on the top right before magenta vocals return. At 1.01 the low guitar notes are light blue on the right. The low guitar throughout the song appear in light blue. The vocals continue as strong magenta across the middle. At 1.35 the guitar is orange and high yellows on the bottom left. The vocals here also appear in warm oranges. From 2.02 the vocals return to magenta with low light blue guitar at 2.11. The slide guitar is red. At 2.23 the guitar is also light blue with magenta vocals. At 2.48 and 3.00 the guitar is red chords. The highest, airiest vocals are oranges with soft warm orange guitar through the final section. The notes at 3.47 are light blue with red at 3.55 and 3.57 .

Custom art

This piece is one of a kind and was commissioned for someone special. While the paint may fall differently on the paper, future interpretations of this song will capture the same colours and moments as heard in the song.