Voice Recordings

Talking about Sam spoken by Julia Othra*

Talking about Sam spoken by Julia Othra*


Julia’s voice appears as a variety of colours and starts as orange on the top left. The highest and softest tones are yellow. Oranges tones appear throughout the recording. The stronger tones at 0.17-0.21 are magenta. Magenta also appears throughout on the strongest mid-level tones and on Julia’s laughter as from 1.07-1.20. The softer, reflective tones as from 0.47-1.05 are light blue. Light blue also appears from 1.46 and through the story. Magenta reappears from 2.43. The last line is soft blue.

*name changed to protect the privacy of this personal recording

Custom art

This piece is one of a kind and was commissioned for someone special. While the paint may fall differently on the paper, future interpretations of this song will capture the same colours and moments as heard in the song.