The Lovecats by The Cure

The Lovecats by The Cure

8” x 10”, WATERCOLOUR ON PAPER, 2018 – Listen along on Spotify

The drums begin as black on the top left with light blue synth and piano. The high at 0.10 is green. The highest piano is bright yellow. At 0.15 the shriek is magenta before purple bass. the vocals begin at 0.24 in textured blue. The bass continues as purple. At 0.48 the guitar is magenta with orange vocals and highs. The magenta continues at 0.58. At 1.11 the bass and vocal sample is purple. The vocals continue as blue. At 1.29 the guitar is hints of textured browns with high magenta and light blue, and high yellow piano. At 1.2 the guitar and vocals are orange with high magentas and purple bass. The drums are black. At 1.50 light blue reappears in the bottom left with purple bass and magenta trumpet. The vocals continue as blue with purple and magenta trumpet. At 2.21 the music is orange with gray and black at 2.31. The bass is purple with high magenta jungle sounds. The vocals are blue. The piano and guitar are light blue through the outro with black drums. The chords from 3.26 are green and oranges.

Custom art

This piece is one of a kind and was commissioned for someone special. While the paint may fall differently on the paper, future interpretations of this song will capture the same colours and moments as heard in the song.