What Is Life by George Harrison

What Is Life by George Harrison

11” x 16” WATERCOLOUR ON PAPER, 2018 – Listen along on YouTube

The guitar starts as blue on the top left with black bass. The guitar at 0.09 is textured brown. The brass from 0.12 is low purple and high magenta. The vocals appear as blue with the low guitar notes in purple. The high notes are green. From 0.41 the vocals are light blue. At 0.57 magenta and purple brass appears especially at 1.12. The next verse appears as blue vocals with purple bass through the middle. The brass is magenta. At 1.40 magenta brass appears on the middle left with light blue vocals. The brass from 2.08 is purple with magenta at 2.20. The bass at 2.25 is dark blue. From 2.48 the music is blue. The high electric guitar is green. The guitar chords are brown with purple brass and tambourine. The vocals are blue through the outro with high green guitar.

Custom art

This piece is one of a kind and was commissioned for someone special. While the paint may fall differently on the paper, future interpretations of this song will capture the same colours and moments as heard in the song.