Your song colours

Ask about the unique colours of your song

Picking between a couple of songs? Interested to know the colours of your song before you purchase? Complete the form and I’ll listen to your song and let you know the colours you can expect to see. I’ll let you know what will come through the strongest in your piece and which will add unique highlights.

There’s no obligation to purchase and you are welcome to use this freebie to satisfy your curiosity. You’ll hear from me with the colours of your song within 2-5 business days.

What is a colour sneak peek?

The colour sneak peeks are based on the sounds of the song that stand out to me during a single listen to your song. In reality, songs have a wide variety of colours and so the dominant and highlight colours are based on what stands out that day, for example on one listen I might notice the drums more and so black is listed as a highlight, and on another, I might notice the vocals more. The sneak peeks are designed to give an overall sense of the song based on my experience and will give you an accurate sense of the colour-scape of your song.

When it comes to painting the pieces, the painting is based on a more comprehensive listen and sketch and includes all the colours of the song, not just the standouts. This is where the extra colours appear, like hints of purple bass or brass that might have been too subtle to hear on a quick listen. When the painting is created I write a description that shows how each sound translates to the painting and where you can hear each colour.


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